Past Activities


Free Beer Session for Utopia Clients

Boat Quay 2002

1st Singapore Tattoo Show 2009

Remembered to be the biggest tattoo convention ever organised in South East Asia, we hit it big with over 100 exhibitors hailing from 25 different countries around the world. It was a refreshing scene where over 20,000 people from different cultures came together and shared themselves without any discrimination. 

Special Guest Appearances :

  • Bob Tyrell (Night Gallery)
  • Paul Booth (Last Rites Tattoo Theatre)
  • Chris Garver (Miami Ink)
  • Daniel DiMattia (Calypso Tattoo)

Singapore Tat2 Show 2010

The sequel to the successful tattoo show in 2009, juiced up with more excitement. Featuring more interactive activities alongside more than 270 exhibitors, the first of its kind 'Miss Asia Tattoo' and seminars from Bob Tyrell, Carson Hill etc.

Special Guest Appearances :

  • Kim Saigh (LA Ink)
  • Tim Hendricks (Gold Rush Tattoo)
  • Michelle Myles (Daredevil tattoo and winner of TLC’s Tattoo War Competition at the 6th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention)
  • Bob Tyrell (Night Gallery)
  • Matt Booth (Room101)
  • Chris Garver (Miami Ink)
  • Shige (Yellow Blaze Tattoo, Japan)
  • Rubberboy

Sailor Jerry Tattoo Event

Bar Naked 2015